Glycated Albumin used in measuring ‘Stress Diabetes’

Glycated Albumin used in measuring ‘Stress Diabetes’

Stress hyperglycemia, or “stress diabetes,” is a condition that causes temporarily elevated blood glucose during recovery after a heart attack or stroke, even for non-diabetic patients.

The American Heart Association recently posted an article entitled, “Another risk identified from ‘stress diabetes’ – and a possible new way to measure it”. It is based on a recent article published in the journal ‘Stroke AHA,’ reporting on a study conducted on 3026 patients. In these patients, stress hyperglycemia was measured by evaluating a ratio of fasting glucose and glycated albumin (GA). A total of 299 (9.9%) subjects had a new stroke within 3 months. The study found that this increased risk of stroke was associated with a higher glucose/GA ratio. In addition stroke patients who were severely hyperglycemic were 1.5 times more likely to have a secondary stroke than those with minor or no hyperglycemia.

This research shows that a higher ratio of fasting glucose to GA was associated with elevated risk of stroke in patients with a minor ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack (temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain). The article demonstrates a new potential for glycated albumin to be used for monitoring risk of secondary stroke and stress diabetes as well as in monitoring diabetes.

Epinex has been at the forefront in advocating a role for Glycated Albumin for early detection, screening and monthly monitoring of diabetes. Epinex has a patented rapid test, G1A, for Glycated Albumin and is working towards developing this test for clinical trials. This G1A tests measures total albumin and glycated albumin exclusively (not fructosamine), in a hand held device as a POCT (Point of Care Test) for doctors’ offices and clinics, and as an OTC (Over The Counter) test for general public use.


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Bhairavi Vajaria Ph.D.

Research and Development Associate

Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.

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