Epinex’s Research Paper Reaches New Milestone

Figure 1 A Review of Glycated Albumin appears first on Google search and has reached 100 citations

Epinex Diagnostics, Inc. reaches a new milestone after having its research paper “A Review of Glycated Albumin as an Intermediate Glycation Index for Controlling Diabetes” reach 100 citations by other leading scientific papers. This article was written by Epinex’s Scientific Advisory Board member, Dr. H. Vernon Roohk with the help of other Scientific Advisory Board members, Communications Director, Dr. David Trasoff and Asad R. Zaidi, CEO of Epinex. At the time of this writing, this article appears as the first link in a Google search for ‘glycated albumin’. Epinex’s website also appears on the first page.

Epinex has been at the forefront in advocating a role for Glycated Albumin for early detection, screening and monthly monitoring of diabetes. Epinex has patented a rapid test -G1A- for Glycated Albumin and is developing the test for clinical trials. G1A measures total albumin and glycated albumin exclusively (not fructosamine) in a hand held device as POCT (Point of Care Test) for doctors’ offices, clinics and as an OTC (Over the Counter) test for general public use.

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Review of Glycated Albumin Paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2769832/

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