"Potential for Digital Health to Help Medicaid Patients"

Potential for Digital Health to Help Medicaid Patients

San Francsico-based digital health company Omada Health has initiated a program to help prevent type 2 diabetes in low-income communities by improving how people eat and exercise. The company already provides an online program to help people with pre diabetes, but is now trying to spark lifestyle changes through a similar program designed specifically for people with pre diabetes in underserved communities.

Since people in these communities cannot always afford year-round medical services, Omada hopes to implement technology they already use to help them regularly monitor their health. The challenge, however, is that people may not place importance on healthcare when they are facing several other challenges. Public health expert Michael Cousineau states, “These are very poor people, so there are a lot of things on their plate, if you will. So if they can move things off the top of their agenda to make this successful, that’s the question.”

Source: https://www.statnews.com/2016/07/29/diabetes-digital-health-medicaid/


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