"Diabetic Retinopathy Linked to Higher Depression Risk"

When thinking about diabetes, certain complications such as cardiovascular disease and eye damage are quick to come to mind. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, however, are not as easily related to diabetes.

Recent studies done on patients with eye conditions caused by diabetes reveal that there are psychological implications associated with diabetes complications as well. Not only did 15 percent of these participants with eye damage test positive for depressive symptoms, but also 23% tested positive for anxiety symptoms. There was also an independent association found between severe diabetic retinopathy, commonly referred to as diabetic eye disease, and greater depressive symptoms. These studies are still not advanced enough to establish a strong association but highlight the need for further research in the relationship between diabetes and mental health.

Article Source: http://thediabeticnews.com/diabetic-retinopathy-linked-to-higher-depression-risk/

Contact: Kajal Bains

Corporate Communications Associate

Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.


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