"Successful Hepatitis C Infection (HCV) Treatment Reverses Type 2 Diabetes"

"The association between hepatitis C infection (HCV) and type 2 diabetes was first recognized in 1994, when multiple studies noted an increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes in patients infected with HCV compared to patients with hepatitis B infection (HBV) or those with chronic liver disease from other causes. It remains unclear how HCV impairs glucose metabolism, and therefore how to combat it however, a case study by the University of Ottawa published in The American Journal of Case Reports details a patient who was able to reverse his glucose abnormalities by eradicating his HCV infection. While previous cases have reported improvements in glucose control with HCV treatment, these effects were limited to just the treatment phase; this is the first case to show complete diabetes remission beyond the treatment phase."

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Source- http://www.empr.com/case-studies/successful-hcv-treatment-reverses-type-2-diabetes/article/457362/

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