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"Glycated Albumin Is a Better Glycemic Indicator than Glycated Hemoglobin Values in Hemodialysi

"The significance of glycated albumin (GA), compared with casual plasma glucose (PG) and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), was evaluated as an indicator of the glycemic control state in hemodialysis (HD) patients with diabetes. The mean PG, GA, and HbA1c levels were 164.5 ± 55.7 mg/dl, 22.5 ± 7.5%, and 5.85 ± 1.26%, respectively, in HD patients with diabetes (n = 538), which were increased by 51.5, 31.6, and 17.7%, respectively, compared with HD patients without diabetes (n = 828)."

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Source- Inaba, M., Okuno, S., Kumeda, Y., Yamada, S., Imanishi, Y., Tabata, T., ... & Nishizawa, Y. (2007). Glycated albumin is a better glycemic indicator than glycated hemoglobin values in hemodialysis patients with diabetes: effect of anemia and erythropoietin injection. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 18(3), 896-903.!glycated-albumin/yrxvx!Glycated-Albumin-The-Next-A1c/cjds/563a6a670cf28330832d23be

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